K&H Leatherworks

The Handmade Process

Everything I make is 100% handmade.  I do not use any electricity or machines whatsoever while I am making my products except for a shop press that I use to apply one of my logo stamps.  This is done with the intent to deliver a superior product to my customers.

All of my stitching is done using the saddle stitch method.  This is an incredibly durable stitch - far more durable than a machine stitch.  Saddle stitching is a process that involves attaching one needle to each end of a length of thread (two needles total) and stitching through pre-poked holes.  Each needle goes through every hole and creates a figure eight throughout the leather.  As a result, the tension on the thread line is re-established on every stitch.  If a saddle stitched thread is cut - the remainder of the thread line will stay intact.  With machine made goods, once the thread gets loose it will all start to pull out just like it does on t-shirts!

In order to finish the edges of wallets and card holders, I burnish them.  Burnishing is a process that involves moisture and friction to smooth out the edge of a leather product and give it a glossy look.  I use three grits of sandpaper, starting from a low grit (320), working up to a medium grit (600) and finishing on a high grit (1200).  

Once the sanding is completed and my edges are nice and flat, I spread a small amount of Tokonole Burnishing Gum along the edges.  I then use a wooden burnishing tool and run that back and forth along the edge until I get a nice glossy look.

I use an edge beveling tool to remove any imperfections from the edges during and after the burnishing process.

If you have any questions about my methods please feel free to reach out to me!

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